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內容摘要:  5. Your company, city, state.  5. 你的公司名稱,世體所在城市和國家。

  5. Your company, city, state.  5. 你的公司名稱,世體所在城市和國家。



科姆10.希望被考慮11. 爭取面談機會。西人10. 提出執行該觀點時應注意的事項。即將加盟4.解決問題很必要的理由二。


世體A Letter to the University President about the Canteen Service on CampusJan. 6th, 2002Dear Mr. President,My name is Li Ming. I am a junior student of the civil engineering school in this university. I I venture to write you a letter about the canteen service on campus, which has given rise to many complaints among students.The focus of the complaint is the poor quality of the food. For one thing, the rice is very hard, the steamed breads are usually sold cold and vegetables are often overcooked. For another, the prices of the foods are surprisingly high. Honestly speaking, the dining environment has been improved since last year. But there are still not enough space and seats for us to have our meals there. Besides, the attitude of the canteen staffs is not hospitable at all.All in all, there is still much room for improvement. I do hope we will not suffer another year. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.Sincerely yours.Li.求職申請信模板DateDear——1. I am applying for the position of ——advertised in—.2. I major in ——.3. My training in ——definitely meet your qualifications.4. My complete resume is attached——.5. I will graduate on ——from— 6. In additionto the required courses of this program, I have——.7. I also have some experience in —— 8. I believe that my training and experience——.9. You will find me to be——.10. I hope that you will consider me for your position.11.May I have a personal interview at your convenience? 12.I can be reach by telephone between——and——.Sincerely yours,Signature: 1.申請何職位。封面Reduce Waste on CampusThere has been a discussion recently about waste on campus. It is obvious that a great loss of precious resources, such as water and electricity have been caused by waste. Additionally, our waste adds our parents and society a burden. So it is high time that we took actions to reduce the waste on campus.First of all, we should stop wasting water when we bath, or clean faces, or wash clothes and dishes. The reason is that there is a great shortage of water in the word. Secondly, we should be economical. That is to say, when go shopping, we should buy only what we really need. Thirdly, we should turn off the light when we leave dorms or classrooms so as to save electricity as much as possible.In fact, more than three ways can be adopted. As for me, the cultivation of good habit of thrift is most important for all of us. All in all, every college student should join in the efforts to combat the waste on campus.3. 模板三(2001年1月)1. I t is certain that——.2. For one reason,——.3. For another, ——.4. However, some still puzzle on how to ——.5. Here come some suggestions. 6.To begin with,——7.Secondly——8.For instance,——9. Thirdly, ——.10.That is because——11.The solutionvary according to different situations. 12.Therefore, —— 1.提出問題及解決的必要性。


A Letter to a SchoolmateJune 7th, 2001Dear Wang,I am delighted to learn that you will visit me for a week during this national days. It has been several years since we departed last time, and I am looking forward to your visit. In my opinion, Nanjing is your best choice for this holiday. On the one hand, there are many places of interest and historical sites in Najing. On the other hand, Nanjing is a cultural center with various artistic and musical performances.As to the famous sites, I suggest that you should visit the Confucius Temple and Dr. Sun Yetsens Mausoleum. If you are interested in parks, the XXX park will be your best choice. It is not necessary for you to bring anything except your sweaters since it is a little chill in the evening. In addition, as there will be many people at the railway station, you should not leave your belongings unattended! I am sure you will enjoy your visit in Nanjing.Please inform me once you have made your decision. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.Sincerely Yours,Zhang Ying.2004年6月真題 A Letter to the Editor of a NewspaperJune 19, 2004Dear Editor,My name is Liu. I am a senior from Beijing Normal University and I bought an Long man Dictionary of Contemporary English in a bookstore nearby our campus yesterday. I venture to write you a letter about the service that I enjoyed at the bookstore in order to appeal to the service industries to improve their service.The focus of the complaint is the quality of the dictionary and the bad attitude of the salesgirl. For one thing, there are two pages in poor print in the dictionary, which I found later because the plastic cover cant be opened before the money is paid. For another, the salesgirl was very impolite, saying that they wouldnt replace it unless I bought another one since I had opened the pack. Honestly speaking, many service industries are trying their best to satisfy the customers. But there are still some others apart from this bookstore, such as supermarkets, restaurants and so on, which dont regard customers as Gods. Besides, many of them give priority to making profit regardless of faithfulness.All in all, there is still much room for improvement. I do hope your paper will do something to call on the service industries to provide full catering service. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.Best wishesSincerely yoursLiu.2.批評、再見澤尼抱怨、再見澤尼投訴信模板DateDear——1. My name is——.2. I am——.3. I venture to write you a letter about——.4. The focus of the complaint is——.5. For one thing, —— 6. For another,——7. Honestly speaking,—— 8.But——9. Besides,——.10. All in all, there is still much room for improvement.11.I do hope—— 12.Thank you for your time and kind consideration.Sincerely yours,Signature: 1.寫信人的姓名。

科姆6.詳細介紹教育背景二。Take it easy bro – Richie Frieman, 34, author of the new book Reply All…And Other Ways to Tank Your Career, says he regularly gets this from a web designer in Santa Cruz, CA. Though it might turn some people off, I would be fine receiving an email with this sign-off, knowing the sender lives in an informal milieu.Take it easy bro – Richie Frieman,西人34歲,西人新書 Reply All...And Other Ways to Tank Your Career的作者,他說他經常收到Santa Cruz, CA的網站設計師的郵件中用到了這個。

High five from down low – A colleague shared this awful sign-off which is regularly used by a publicist who handles tech clients. An attempt to sound cool, which fails.High five from down low – 一個同事分享了這個糟糕的結尾,即將加盟這個結尾被處理技術客戶的公關頻繁使用。Warmest – I use this often for personal emails, especially if Im close to someone but not in regular touch.Warmest – 私人郵件中我常常用這個,世體尤其是當我離別人很近但是又不常聯系的時候,世體我會用這個。


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